Covenant Women serves as the dedicated women's ministry within New Covenant Church, UK. Our foundation rests on the principle of prioritizing God's kingdom and righteousness, believing that all else follows suit. Aligned with Mark 16:15-18, we fervently embrace the Great Commission.

Our primary charge is to be ambassadors of faith, commencing within our localities. We encourage all to extend a hand to those unfamiliar with the grace of Jesus, exhibiting God's love in every opportunity. Our gatherings encompass prayer sessions and insightful forums, led by distinguished speakers, addressing topics spanning careers, relationships, parenting, and well-being. Membership is extended to all women aged 18 and above within New Covenant Church. Participation involves contributing through volunteer work across ministries and financial support. Covenant Women UK serves as an outreach of New Covenant Church UK, sharing the same core values and pursuing the Great Commission as detailed in Mark 16:15-18.

At the Woolwich branch, Covenant Women has played a pivotal role in empowering women. Our accomplishments include providing a platform for local and global female leaders and bridging age, religion, and race. We foster spiritual growth and provide practical education, encompassing child-rearing, wellness, and career advancement to combat poverty. Central to our mission is soul-winning, commencing at home and extending to all corners. We actively seek to introduce individuals to Christ's love and compassion. We're also dedicated to the charitable initiative 'Liberty,' committed to holistic empowerment in Africa. Learn more at

Our Mission: To foster a personal relationship with Jesus, nurturing maturity and potential across various life spheres – home, work, ministry, and community. Approach: Extend compassion to those in need, whether troubled youth, abused women, or marginalized individuals. Our efforts include:

  • Organising outreach events in underserved areas.

  • Supporting gifted girls and orphans through education.

  • Partnering with youth organisations to impart Christ-centered teachings.

  • Aiding abused women, children, widows, and orphans.

Welcome to Covenant Women – your gateway to faith, empowerment, and positive change.

Covenant Women's Aim: Empowering communities through impactful outreach, fostering positive life changes one person at a time. Join us in our journey to transform lives and generations.

Covenant Women