Covenant Men International (CMI) is a diverse assembly of men united by our commitment to combine our social, economic, and spiritual resources. Our shared goal is to foster a dynamic and progressive movement through international networking, aimed at achieving higher standards in all aspects of life while nurturing the development of the Whole Man.

Covenant Men

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Covenant Men International (Woolwich) is a community driven by a profound purpose and a commitment to spiritual growth. They emphasise fellowshipping through meetings and meaningful discussions, nurturing corporate connections beyond business, and organizing events to share knowledge and empower individuals. Their dedication to Jesus Christ is expressed through worship, prayer, obedience to His word, and spreading the Gospel.

Upholding moral, pure, and spiritual conduct in all aspects of life, they also prioritize building strong marriages and families rooted in love and biblical values. They maintain excellence in their careers, support church leaders, and aspire to make a positive impact on society, acknowledging that true fulfilment lies in both worldly success and a deeper spiritual connection.

Covenant Men International (Woolwich) recognizes that modern individuals often seek a deeper purpose beyond external achievements and societal norms. They believe that their faith in Christ can serve as a guiding light in all aspects of life, and their gatherings serve as opportunities for spiritual growth and mutual encouragement. Their objectives include a strong devotion to Christ, fostering brotherhood through regular fellowship, promoting values-driven lives, building strong families, supporting the church and its leaders, reaching out to other churches and communities, and spreading the message of salvation. Joining this community is an invitation to embody positive change in one's life and in the world, guided by faith and shared values.