The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus o​ur Lord
Romans 6:23

about us

​Welcome to New Covenant Church Woolwich, a diverse and inclusive community gathering, nestled in North Woolwich, London, and serving its surrounding areas. Our congregation spans across generations and cultures, creating a vibrant tapestry of togetherness. Our mission revolves around guiding you and your loved ones towards embracing your unique, God-given purpose. Within every individual's journey, there exists a crucial first step. Could this Sunday mark the moment you courageously embark on that transformative path? Join us as we walk hand in hand towards a fulfilling connection with your purpose.

Sunday Service: 11.00 am
Church Auditorium & on YouTube

Tuesday Bible Study: 7.00 pm
​On Zoom and on YouTube

North Woolwich Old Station Museum, Pier Road, London E16 2JJ
+44 203 1617502


Meet Our Pastors

Presenting the dedicated souls who shepherd our community: our pastors. They are not only wise mentors and compassionate listeners but also bearers of divine light, nurturing the spirits of those they guide. Faith acts as the binding force within our congregation, while these pastors illuminate the path forward with their unwavering love.

We are here.... Guide you through uncertain terrain with the steady glow of a lantern, our purpose is to lead you towards clarity. Like a compass that points true north, we provide the direction you seek amidst the fog of uncertainty. In the midst of these uncharted waters, our role is to be the steadfast lighthouse that helps you navigate, ensuring that you never lose sight of your goals. As you traverse through the twists and turns, our light serves as a constant reminder that even in the face of ambiguity, you possess the tools to find your way. Just as the stars provide guidance to sailors, we strive to offer insights that become your guiding constellations, illuminating the path to a more assured future.

Our Community

God's grace is a powerful force that has the ability to transform individuals into a beautiful tapestry of diverse communities. In these communities, the joy of Jesus, fellowship with one another, and engagement with the surrounding community all come together for the sake of the Gospel. Rather than leading His people on solitary paths, God desires for them to journey together as part of an eternal family. This cohesive unit not only allows for individual growth in Christ but also enables the collective advancement of His Kingdom. At the heart of New Covenant Church in Woolwich, there is a strong belief that true Christian flourishing can only be achieved when one is woven into a consistent and committed community. This understanding shapes their approach to building a thriving church where individuals can grow and contribute to the Kingdom of God.

Let’s work together